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Waitomo Club

Here at the club we have a wide range of facilities available. We have the T.A.B facilities, up to 18 gaming machines with a jackpot that starts from $500 and reaches up to $1000. A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Smoking area, Bistro, Motor home access and a membership car park or on road parking for visitors.

Our free courtesy van available from 5pm to closing Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, contact the club for pick up.


The Waitomo Club will reopen on 18th November midday at Level 2.  This new level comes with some changes which will affect the club.

The changes are:

  1. a total of one hundred (100) members will be allowed in the club. This includes members from other clubs and guests are permitted also.
  2. It is not compulsory for masks to be worn when drinking and eating in the club. however you must wear a mask as per the requirements of level 2 at any other time.
  3. Members must be seated or standing one (1) metre apart. You will find that tables and chairs will be moved in order to meet these requirement.
  4. At this level and the restricted numbers permitted, the members draws will not be operating nor will raffles.
  5. Only table service will be operating, all bar and service staff will be required to wear masks.
  6. Only one (1) entrance will be operating. This will be the car park entrance, on arrival all members must either sign in using the covid tracer or the QR code which will be displayed at that entrance.
  7. The gaming lounge will be open but masks must be worn.
  8. The bus will be running from 17th November 5PM, please call the Club if you would like to be picked up.
  9. The restaurant is currently closed, bar snacks are available.

Weekly Draws

Our membership draws happen three times a week drawn between 5-7pm. Wednesday and Friday draws start from $200 and go up to $1000. When it reaches the maximum amount the draw must go on the night. If the first draw is done and the member is not there, the pot is then split and two $500 draws will drawn until they are both gone.

2021 Raffle Roster

On the draw nights, each sport sections take turns on the raffle table selling tickets for meat raffles and lotto draws.

Weeks commencing 19th Dec and 26th Dec, the club will run the raffles.

Outdoor Bowls

Dates: 14/07/2021, 8/09/2021, 3/11/2021


Dates: 21/07/2021, 15/09/2021, 10/11/2021


Dates: 28/07/2021, 22/09/2021, 17/11/2021


Dates: 4/08/2021, 29/09/2021, 24/11/2021

Social Club

Dates: 11/08/2021, 6/10/2021, 1/12/2021

Rod and Reel

Dates: 23/06/2021, 18/08/2021, 13/10/2021, 8/12/2021


Dates: 30/06/2021, 25/08/2021, 20/10/2021, 15/12/2021


Dates: 7/07/2021, 1/09/2021, 27/10/2021

Did You Know?

The Waitomo Club opened on Saturday 13th June 1967.  This followed the first successful amalgamation of two clubs in New Zealand;

The Te Kuiti Cosmopolitan Club and the Te Kuiti Working Men’s Club.

Business Hours

Our club is open seven days a week excepting Christmas day and Good Friday.

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